At St Andrew’s Church we are working hard to be a church relevant to the 21 century, whilst also remaining a timeless presence, as we have for over 850 years in Cobham. Our church family is growing both in numbers and in the scope of its life and   mission.  We are an open church where we encourage everyone to know and accept God’s love for them and  reflect that love wherever they are.

Sustaining the life of such an active and popular church is quite expensive. We have a very historic church building and a superb community facility in Church Gate House, both kept in excellent  condition to meet our needs. We pay for clergy and our staff team who support the work of over 100  people contributing to the life of the church. And we need to fund activities key to the church’s mission.

Leaving money to St Andrew’s is a wonderful way to continue your generosity to our living and developing church. It will help to secure its place in the life of  future generations, as past generations have done for us.

 Your Will Matters


Thinking about life after death should not be difficult for Christians! Make sure you are prepared practically as well as spiritually. Whatever your age, write a will and keep it up to date.

Without a will, your loved ones could face a lot of trouble, work and expense after your death. Without a will, a court could decide how to distribute your goods and who should look after your children.

Many Christians give regularly from their income, why not give from your estate too?

A gift in your will helps our church to live out our dreams and mission in this community

It is a way to thank God for all the gifts of our lifetime, and to hand on undimmed the legacy we have received from past Christians ( our building, our faith) to future generations.

Leaving a gift in your will is tax efficient. Gifts are not subject to tax and if you leave 10% or more of your estate to a charity after exemptions, the rate of tax on the remainder is reduced to 36% from 40%.


The Parish Legacy Policy


St. Andrew’s welcomes gifts in wills, however large or small. Since needs change over the years, we encourage gifts for the general purposes of the parish rather than for a restricted purpose. We promise to use such gifts to make a difference to the work of  the church. We will consult with the executors to identify the sorts of  projects the donor would have liked.



Suggested wording to leave a gift in your will:

 “I give the sum of £X (X pounds) or Y% of my residuary estate free of all taxes to the Parochial Church Council of the Parish of St. Andrew’s Cobham, registered charity number 1130717, in the diocese of Guildford for its general purposes, and I declare that the receipt of an officer of the Council shall be a sufficient discharge to my executors and trustees.”

 3 steps..


Three steps that we encourage every adult  member of our churches to take:

1.   Make a will and review it regularly.

2.   Consider leaving a gift in your will to our parish

   Visit www.churchlegacy.org.uk for help with both of these steps

3.   Get a free information pack about making a will and making a difference to the work of the wider church

    Phone 08445 870875 to order a free pack from the Church’s Legacy & Wills Information Line


 We strongly advise you to see an independent solicitor when writing or amending your will.

Thank you!