Electoral Roll

Regular at St Andrew's or Live in the Parish?

Church of England governance processes are enshrined in the law of the land and the Electoral Roll is the legal register of all those who can vote for members of the PCC and Deanery Synod. The latter vote for the Diocesan and General Synod members.
However even if that does not excite you, we would still like everyone who considers themselves to be part of the St Andrew's Church community (and who meet the criteria) to "put their hand up" to say so by being on the roll. and so be able to take part in our church governance.  

The forms to join the Electoral Roll can be downloaded from this page or pick one up in the church. 
It needs your signature so you will need to print it and then return either the paper or a scan of it in pdf form.

Download the application form here (2 sheets per page, 2 page version)

or here (1 sheets per page, 4 page, larger print version)

Please also complete the back of the form if you would like us to keep in touch with you to give us your consent for us to keep you informed with news and invitations, including our Weekly Email. This is separate to the purposes of the Electoral Roll.

Please note that we are required to publish the names of people on the Electoral Roll for a couple weeks before and after the annual review of the roll at the Annual Parochial Church Meeting. We are no longer required to publish any contact details, such as addresses, that was the case before 2020.

The Electoral Roll Officer for St Andrew's is  who will be pleased to answer any questions.

Electoral Roll Privacy Policy

In January 2019, the Church of England issued a new document called the "Electoral Roll Privacy Notice".

This explains why we process the data on the Electoral Roll, the lawful basis and your rights.

A copy can be downloaded here.