St Andrew's & Covid-19

"The church" is not a building, it is a community of Christians trying to live out their faith in their daily lives. Although we are unable to meet or visit physically, we can meet using the internet and we can show the love of Christ in other ways in our community and beyond. God is not in lockdown even if we are.

During this time, St Andrew's as a church:
* continues to hold services of worship, by means of the internet (currently using YouTube)
* is holding a range of meetings using Zoom
* is having virtual after-church coffee using Zoom
* is taking part in the Churches Together prayer and chat line (see News Items page
* is continuing to collect donations to the Food Bank with the bin now outside Church Gate House
* continues to pray and accept prayer requests

The people of St Andrew's:
* are active in a number of community and voluntary groups
* are supporting each other and those we know by whatever means are appropriate 
* joining together to worship and meet online 
* praying either individually or with others online

St Andrew's encourages working within the community, rather than setting up alternative activities as if in competition.

To find out more about any of these, please contact the Parish Office. 

Letter from the Church Wardens to the PCC (here available to all)

The Church Wardens have written to all PCC members summarising how the church is running during this time.
You can download and read the letter here.