Chapel Of Peace


Since the eighteenth century there has been a little chapel in the corner of our churchyard at Cobham. It was originally built as a Mortuary Chapel to serve as a place of rest for those whose life on earth was finally over. The coffin would be placed inside, probably the day before the funeral took place in the Parish Church. No doubt those closest to the deceased would often come and spend some time there with their loved one to feel close, to express their grief, to say the words they had somehow never been able to say when they were alive together, and to pray.

Around the turn of the century the chapel fell into disuse and over the years the fabric of the building went to ruin. Inspired by a parish pilgrimage to the Holy Land in 1998, Peter Ostley, the Captain of our bell tower, set about restoring the chapel and today it serves as a special place for peace and prayer. In recent years we have used it on Easter Day to remind us of the empty tomb.

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If you would like to visit the chapel, please enquire at the Parish Office.