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Join us online - Live Streaming and Prayers

From Sunday 21st June, we are changing to use YouTube for our streaming of services, instead of Facebook. No account needed.

Our YouTube channel can be found here.

The first two services, called "Events" on YouTube, can be found on these links:

8am here

10am here

You can still find previous services in our Facebook page Facebook page 

Work on the Spire

Pictures from Monday 8th

A chance to have peek at the inside of the spire, whilst the shingles are off.  Working is progressing well on the outside with the new oak shingles.

Pictures from Thursday (28th)

Starting to put the new oak shingles on one side.

Update on Tuesday (26th)

The Weathervane is down; with good social distancing from the team on the ladder! Also from 'David the Steeplejack' and 'David the Church Warden' whilst carefully carrying it to rest in Church Gate House whilst the main work on the spire is done.

We are delighted that the work on the Spire started today (Friday 22nd) and will continue for 10-14 days, when we are anticipating a refurbished spire and weather vane.   The work begins.....


Alpha at St Andrew's

The Alpha course began Thursday 4th June at 7pm. It was an introduction so it is not too late to join the course if you would like.   Each session will be via zoom and last no more than an hour.   To book a place please contact the office -

Lonely? Need a chat or prayer?

Are you feeling lonely? Maybe self-isolating or simply missing your usual social activities? Wanting someone to chat to? Or worried about someone or something and would like to pray with someone about it?
Cobham Churches are working together to provide a line you can call, whether simply for a chat or for prayer.
Call 01932 910184 
or you can email

For urgent needs or prescription collection, call Community Coronavirus Care on 0800 307 7111

Kids Church Resources

The buildings may be closed but Kids' Church is still very active!

5th July

We will be at 12noon on Zoom on the 5th families have been sent the code, contact Elaine if haven't got it and want it.  During the session we will be looking at story Jesus told of the wise and foolish builders.  Please bring a box of lego, pack of cards and pens and paper to the session.

28th June 

We will be at 12noon on Zoom on the 28th families have been sent the code, contact Elaine if haven't got it and want it.  During the session we will be looking at doing what God tell us to do via the story of Jonah.  Please bring paper and pens to the session.

21st June (2nd Sunday after Trinity)

We will be meeting at 12 on Zoom on the 21st, families will be sent the code.   During the session we will be looking at Noah's Ark.  If you can, please, print this picture of Noah's Ark before the session.

Here are some pictures of Charlotte releasing the 'painted lady' butterflies she has watched grow and transform and enjoying a butterfly cupcake for her 6th birthday.

14th June (1st Sunday after Trinity)

We will be meeting on Zoom at 12 noon on Sunday (14th), families have been sent the code, if you need it contact:

We will be using these footprints during our craft part of the session, please print them ready to use.

Here is the activity sheet and colouring sheet for this session.

Here is a sheet that families can do together during the week - Living Out Your Faith

7th June (Trinity Sunday)

Older members of Kids' Church will be running the 10am Youth Service on Sunday 7th, so we won't have a Kids' Church session on zoom this Sunday.

Here are the activity sheet and colouring sheet for Trinity Sunday.

Here is a sheet that families can do together - Living Out Your Faith

Pentecost (31st May)

Here are the activity sheet and colouring sheet for Pentecost.

Many congratulations to Marcus, from Kids's Church who won the Virtual Junior Bakeoff organised by Kim Plumpton at Cobham Combined Church, Stoke Road this weekend.

Marcus with his winning cake.

For Sunday 24th - please make an A4 poster showing the name of Jesus in Lights, like a poster outside a theatre.  Here is a simple example but yours can look like anything that shows Jesus' name in light or glowing colours.  On Sunday we will be learning about glorifying God.

Here are the activity sheet and colouring sheet for the 24th May

For Sunday 17th May - please cut out 2 'badge sized hearts' - one white and one red or pink.  We will be learning about the commandments Jesus taught his disciples.

Here is the activity sheet for this Sunday and here is the colouring page.  

Hope you enjoy them.  Look forward to making the heart craft on Sunday.

For Sunday 10th May - please make a footprint - if you would like to a messy version paint the bottom of your foot and then stand on a piece of paper or card - then let it dry.    If you would like a simple version just ask someone to draw around your foot. Examples of the footprints are below.

This Sunday we will be learning about when Jesus said he was The Way, The Truth and The Life

Here is an activity sheet for Sunday 10th and a colouring sheet.  Here is a finger labyrinth to try.

For Sunday 3rd May, please make a simple sock puppet sheep, roughly looking like:

We will be looking at Jesus as the Shepherd caring for his sheep.

Here is the craft for next Sunday (26th) - 

We would like you to make a diary of what you do for 6 days (easier to divide a piece of paper into 6 than 7!).

Thank you for making the example Lyn.

We will be looking at the story of Jesus meeting some disciples on the road to Emmaus during our KS session on Sunday.

The Roots worksheet for this Sunday 26th are the activity sheet and the colouring sheet.  

EASTER SUNDAY 2 (19th April)

Here is the craft of Jesus for the KC Zoom Session.

These are the activity sheet and the colouring sheet for this week.


Christ is Risen.  Here are the activity sheet and colouring sheet from Roots for Easter Sunday.  Here is the picture of the empty tomb and rainbow.

Here is the Easter Quiz that we did some of the questions from in KC this morning.  What not test your family?

Thank you for Charlotte and Marcus for sharing their palm pictures and Marcus' cross made from ribbons.

Messy Church have sent some ideas to do at home during Holy Week running up to Easter, click here to download.

Here are some Powerpoints with ideas for the Last Supper remembered on Maundy Thursday and some ideas for activities on Good Friday - we would love to see some creative crosses for Good Friday  for example - collect some sticks in the garden or plait some ribbons or finger paint a cross.


Here is a Powerpoint for  Palm Sunday with ideas for crafts and activities around Palm Sunday.  We are looking forward to showing examples of these crafts and activities on this page.

Roots, the material we normally use in Kids Church have a work sheet and colouring page for Palm Sunday.

Read about what we do in the Annual Review (2019)

Want to know what goes on at St Andrew's? A good place to start is the Annual Review of everything that happened at St Andrew's in 2019 which is now available in hardcopy in the Church or via download here.


Monthly Prayer Diary

The July 2020 Prayer Diary for St Andrew's can be downloaded - click here. The monthly prayer diary can be kept on your fridge or in your bible to prompt you about the things to pray about with the life of St Andrew's.

Cobham Food Bank

Cobham Food Bank urgently needs the items on this  List for 20th March


FAMILY Magazine for St Andrew's

The July/August edition (No 280) of the parish magazine for St Andrew's is now available to download from the Family page here.


Letter re Church Opening from Mike and the Church Wardens

Dear Friends,

We hope that you all remain well and safe during this continuing crisis. We want to bring you up to date on a few things. Although lock down restrictions are now being gently lifted and some churches are re- opening on a restricted basis, St Andrew’s remains shut. This is now largely due to the continuing work on the spire. This has taken longer than we had anticipated dule to various unforeseen and unavoidable reasons. 

The Spire

When the old shingles were removed it was discovered that the five louvres that allow air into the spire were falling to pieces. They have had to be remade and there has been a difficulty in obtaining the timber and then finding a carpenter to make them. However, progress is being made and it is hoped that the new louvres can be installed next week. This will enable the re-shingling to recommence. 

During the course of the work, concerns were expressed about the condition of the internal timber structure that supports the spire. This led to another visit by the Diocesan Surveyor and various consultations. We are pleased to say that we are assured that the structure is safe and strong enough to take the new shingles although some repairs must take place to strengthen the joints.  This work could be done after re-shingling has taken place but it would be more effective if this was done now. 

All this means that the church must remain shut. It is not safe to allow entrance when the contractors are working and much of their equipment is stored in the entrance porch.


In some ways this enforced closure is a blessing as we have not felt comfortable about opening the church after lock down for various reasons.

One thing that is certain is that when we do re-open St Andrew’s for gathering for prayer and worship, things will not be the same. Like very many other churches we are prayerfully considering what “shape” of church we feel that God is asking us to be after lock down and how we can be effectively geared up both for maintenance and mission.

The Future

With this in mind we attach a very simple form “Re-Engaging Well A Matrix to Stimulate Thinking” and we would like every member of our family at St Andrew’s to prayerfully consider and complete this so that we might together hear God’s voice.  This simple exercise can only be a first step but it will be good to hear from you all. Sadly, we have not been able to have our LYCIG Vision Day as planned this year. However, we do have the results of the day we held last year and we shall look as those alongside the resultss of this “matrix survey”.

Please return the Matrix form by email to Elaine at the church office, by post marking the envelope “Matrix” or through the letter box of Church Gate House. It would be greatly appreciated if this could be done within the next 7 to 10 days.

Every Blessing,

Mike, David & Michael

Download the matrix form here