Holy Week through Peter's Eyes

As Peter Saw It

Day 1 : Before Heading into Jerusalem

We're on our way to Jerusalem for the festival, lots of others are too of course.
Jesus seems a bit solemn. He called us aside earlier and went on about the Son of Man being handed over, disgraced and killed, then something about a third day. Baffled us.
Oh and then the twins mother tried to ask Jesus if her sons could sit either side of him in his Kingdom, I mean, the cheek of the woman! Jesus said that whoever wants to be great must make themselves a servant, that shut her up.Then there was the chap who kept calling out from the side of the road, on & on. Jesus asked him what he wanted & he said to see again - well he can now!
Got to go, the Master's calling me … something about a donkey …

Day 2 : Entering Jerusalem

"Hosanna .. Hosanna…" that song is still going round in my head, what a day. That donkey I mentioned earlier, a donkey and a colt it was. Somehow the Master knew that they were there in that village, dunno how. People thought we were stealing them until we said "the Master has need of them", as he told us to. 
We're all off to the Temple now but it's getting late so we'll be returning to Bethany for the night.  

Day 3 : Turning the tables

Things got a bit dodgy today, I thought we were going to get arrested or at least thrown out of the temple.
We went in to pray but when the Master saw all money changers and the touts selling the sacrifices, well, seemed like he lost it - never seen him so angry, gave a big yell and ran around turning over tables, "you have made my Father's house a den of thieves" he shouted. Didn't know whether to join in or run, couldn't stop him.
But before they could get their hands on him, all these lame and blind people came in surrounding him and wanting healing. We're back in Bethany tonight but I'm uneasy, it's all so bewildering.

Day 4 : Fig Tree & Temple Debate

Didn't have time for breakfast before the Master wanted us to set off back to Jerusalem even though he was hungry too. What he said to that fig tree which didn’t have any fruit, well, it quite shrivelled up - ha, a bit like some of those Pharisees later in the day when they couldn't catch him out! "By whose authority …" they asked him in all their pomposity. He just asked them whose authority John The Baptist had had, they couldn't answer! 
Then, best of all, those pharisees tried to ask him about paying taxes, he got them to produce a coin - even having one was an embarrassment to them of course - then he asked whose head was on it, Caesar's they said. The Master replies "Well give to Caesar what is Caesar's and to God what is God's". Oh how we laughed at that one!

Day 5 : The Ointment 

The Master has been speaking to people gathered round him in the temple all week, far too much for me to tell you about here. A funny thing happened  in the evening though. We were in Bethany, eating at Simon's house. A woman came in. Went straight to Jesus she did, knelt as his feet as he reclined at the table. Poured a jar of sweet-smelling ointment on his feet. Everyone was surprised, but Jesus calmly said that she had done beautiful thing (anointing him for burial, whatever he meant by that). Some grumbled about the expense - Judas wasn't happy about that for one. Me, no. There's something going on and the Master knows.
(note: this one was omitted during the week)

Day 6 : The Passover

Oh hello again, Peter here, so much I could tell you. I meant to tell you about the ointment yesterday but it's all moving so fast.  We're on our way up to the Gethsemane to pray having just had our Passover meal.  
Before the meal the Master washed our feet like he was our servant. Of course I protested that I should be washing his but he insisted. Then when we got to the breaking of the bread, he said that it was his body that was being broken & his blood being shed, strange. 
He said that one of us was going to betray him, well it won’t be me, I told him. He can depend on me. Though he said a funny thing about a cock crowing three times ...

Day 7 : Peter's Remorse

Late Friday: Sorry, I'm in a mess at the moment. Broken. They've killed him. Somehow they persuaded the Governor to send him for crucifixion like a criminal. Couldn't bear to get too close, not after last night, not so as he could look me in the face again. Those piercing "what did I tell you?" eyes, yet so full of love and sorrow too. You see I … I … I bottled it, when those people said they had seen me with him, well I didn't know what to do, would they beat me too, I sorted of panicked and blurted out that I didn't know him, oh how I wish I hadn't … then that cock … at that time of night too … he looked at me … those eyes … right through me. I broke. It was just as he had said. Not sure what happened after that … maybe John saw it through …

Day 8 : They saw Him die

Saturday: Found John this morning, we just looked it each other for, seemed like ages. I felt so ashamed. Me, Peter, denying the Master. Calm John, steady John, gently said "it was as the Master said, he forgave you with that look" and he embraced me. We wept. He told me about the so called trial, the beatings, Pilate washing his hands of it … then … then the cross, ow he managed to carry it after that beating … "The King of The Jews" said the notice … and Mary, his Mother, the other ladies, all there, right at the front. Unlike me. They saw him die. Die! our King! 

Day 9 : Risen!

Fanciful ladies, wishful thinking I should say. No wonder women aren't allowed as witnesses in court. I mean, we were just waking up, gathered in this room when the Mary's came running up the stairs, flung the door open & said "he's gone!", "Who's gone?" said someone. "The master, the tomb was open, a man asked us why we were looking for the living among the dead, whatever he meant by that". "What are you talking about woman, now calm down & tell us what you are on about". 
Well, been down to the tomb they had, with spices & what not. Dunno how they thought they would move the door stone but they didn’t need to. Didn't need the spices either, he wasn't there. I needed to see this so off we ran, John & I, I got there first and it was open, John pushed past me & went in.  
Then Mary says she met him outside, I mean, standing there like you & I. She thought it was the gardener but he spoke to her by name.
I don't know what to think, can it be true. Now if he were to come in here with us now,
hang on who's that?
 … Oh!  My God!

Postscript : Three strikes and .. in 

Peter here again, I just had to tell you about what happened this morning. You know how some of us, his followers, were fishermen? Well, we didn't know what to do so I suggested taking the boat out & going fishing again. The lads came too. All night we were out there and .. Nothing, must have lost our touch. As we were coming back to the shore there was someone there & he had a fire going. As we got near he called out "have you caught any fish?", I guess he was hungry! We said no… then an odd thing happened, he told us to throw the nets over the other side. Wow, we nearly sink the boat trying to get the nets in again. Then it dawned on me - it must be HIM, the Master! So I jumped out the boat and ran, well, waded really, to him. He said to bring some fish over & we had breakfast. Then … well, he took me aside and asked me if I loved him. "I said you know I do!".
This is the embarrassing bit, you know how I told you he'd said I would deny him? Well, I.. I .. didn't say, I did it three times before that cock did its bit. So now, the Master asked me if I loved him, not once but three times, like it was penance.

Told me to feed His sheep. I don't think he meant the woolly sort though.

Now I know what forgiveness feels like, like a new life, a fresh start … and a job to do. 

Peter, as imagined by David Greenwood, a webmaster