Finding a new Rector - Updates

Update - November 2017

After discussions with the Archdeacon and Area Dean, they have strongly advised us that the next best time to re advertise for the post of Rector, will be in January as they believe that is the peak moment during the year when clergy think about moving and leaves a reasonable gap since our last advertisement.

We will therefore update the profile to make it current, advertise in mid January and on 7th March and be interviewed on the 8th March by the Bishop, Archdeacon, Area Dean, Patrons and Parish Representatives. God willing, a new Rector will be appointed shortly after.

Thanks you all for your patience and support - the diocese reminded us that it is all in God's time and He will bring the right person at the right time - they just were not available in July.

Best wishes

Michael & Fiona



The short-listing meeting for the Vacancy was Monday 21st August, hosted by Bishop Jo, to consider the applications received as a result of the advertisement which appeared in the Church Times last month.  In addition to Bishop Jo, the Archdeacon, Area Dean and four Parish Representatives were present.   

We had three very different candidates apply, each of whom had talents to offer the Benefice. However after prayerful and extensive consideration, we were all unanimous in our opinions that none of the candidates had the necessary attributes to fulfil the needs expressed in our profile.  As a result, none of them will be invited for interview. 

The Diocesan Appointments Committee will meet early in September and discuss whether there might be candidates known to them or become known through networking, as a result of which they could put further candidates forward to the Parish Representatives for our approval.  In the event no candidate suitable to the Benefice comes out of that process, the intention would be to re advertise in early Autumn.  

Whilst it is not the outcome we might have hoped for, we trust in God that His will be done in His own time, not ours.  Thank you for all your prayers and support now and ongoing.  Best wishes  Michael & Fiona, Churchwardens & Parish Representatives.

More Information

Click here to find out about the process for seeking a new Rector.

You can download the Benefice Profile, including the Statement of Needs for the new Rector, here.

The four Parish Representatives who will take part in the short-listing and selection interviews for the Rector are

Michael Flaxman and Fiona Lascelles from St Andrew’s
Ray Blues and Andrew Stribley from St Mary’s.

Earlier in the year. the PCC held a Visioning Day to think about the parish now and in future - areas to celebrate and areas to develop -  and the qualities to look in a new Rector to help us get there. A summary report is here.

For any further information, please contact the Churchwardens.