Finding a new Rector - Updates

New version of the Parish Profile for January 2018

The advert for the new Rector is appearing in the Church Times on 12th & 19th January and is on both their website and the Guildford Diocese site.

The Benefice Profile has been updated to accompany the new advert in January 2018. To download the updated 2018 version, click here.

The deadline for applications for the post is the 8th February.

The short listing processing by the panel will be on the afternoon of the 22nd February.

This will be followed by Parish visits and interviews, for the short listed candidates,  on the 7th & 8th March.

Please do continue for pray for the united Benefice during this process.

More Information

Click here to find out about the process for seeking a new Rector.

You can download the updated Benefice Profile 2018, including the Statement of Needs for the new Rector, here.

The four Parish Representatives who will take part in the short-listing and selection interviews for the Rector are

Michael Flaxman and Fiona Lascelles from St Andrew’s
Ray Blues and Andrew Stribley from St Mary’s.

Early in 2017, the PCC held a Visioning Day to think about the parish now and in future - areas to celebrate and areas to develop -  and the qualities to look in a new Rector to help us get there. A summary report is here.

For any further information, please contact the Churchwardens.