Appointing a new Rector

With the retirement of Canon Reverend Robert Jenkins on 31 January 2017,  St Andrew’s is now in a period of vacancy, also known as an interregnum.

Typically a vacancy will last around 9 months. During a vacancy, responsibility for the parish passes to the churchwardens and the Area Dean (formally known as the Rural Dean). They work with the clergy and lay ministers and staff to ensure the smooth running of the parish. There is an underlying principle during an interregnum that no significant changes are made.  So the patterns of worship remain the same and no new church projects are started.

The PCC will spend time considering what the priorities are for the parish for the future and the qualities needed in the new Rector. A document is then put together which includes a parish profile, describing the parish, and a statement of needs, summarising the priorities for the future and qualities sought in the new Rector.

Once the parish profile and statement of needs are ready the post is normally advertised. A shortlisting of applicants takes place followed by interviews. The interview panel will include representatives from the diocese and the parish.

Once an appointment has been made it will normally take a few months for the new Rector to move to the parish and begin their new ministry as most will have a period of notice to serve.

It is appreciated that the process is a lot longer than might be expected in business or other organisations. However experience over many years has shown that a vacancy is a very positive and necessary period that prepares the parish well for new leadership and the next phase in the church’s life, ministry and mission. 

During this vacancy any enquiries should continue to be addressed to the parish office. 

You may like to share with us in a prayer for this time of vacancy here.