Spire Shingle Replacement

Work on the Spire

The shingles on the church spire were replaced during 2020, using oak  that is less attractive to woodpeckers. Some internal work was done at the same time. These pictures were captured whilst the work was going on.

A video of the work on the spire, kindly produced by our friend and neighbour, Michael Rodd.


Pictures from Monday 8th June

A chance to have peek at the inside of the spire, whilst the shingles are off.  

Pictures from Thursday (28th)

Starting to put the new oak shingles on one side.

Update on Tuesday (26th)

The Weathervane is down; with good social distancing from the team on the ladder! Also from 'David the Steeplejack' and 'David the Church Warden' whilst carefully carrying it to rest in Church Gate House whilst the main work on the spire is done.

We are delighted that the work on the Spire started today (Friday 22nd) and will continue for 10-14 days, when we are anticipating a refurbished spire and weather vane.   The work begins.....