Finding a new Rector - Updates

The PCC held a Visioning Day to think about the parish now and in future - areas to celebrate and areas to develop -  and the qualities to look in a new Rector to help us get there. A summary report is here.

Click here to find out about the process for seeking a new Rector.

Praying During the Interegnum

There will be a number of opportunities to come together to pray for our church and for the new Rector during the period of vacancy. These will be in the Church Gate House Lounge at 8pm for 30 mins (up to an hour if people want to continue).

Dates so far are: Mon 13th March, Wed 29th March, Wed 19th April, Mon 8th May, Mon 5th June, Wed 28th June and Mon 17th July. More information from Dave Greenwood or the Parish Office.

You may like to share with us in praying the prayer for this time of vacancy which you can find here

Pictures from Robert's Retirement events

Some pictures from the reception on Saturday 28th January and during and after the service on 29th January are to be found in a photo gallery page here. (Info - Robert's Retirement Pictures on the main menu)

Robert's Retirement Message can be found here.