Welcome to St Andrew's, Cobham. We are Cobham’s parish church and our aim is to know Jesus, and to make him known. We offer a host of activities for adults and children. Please explore our website to find out more. We hope to see you soon.

As Peter Saw It - Postscript : Three strikes and ... in !

Peter here again, I just had to tell you about what happened this morning. You know how some of us, his followers, were fishermen? Well, we didn't know what to do so I suggested taking the boat out & going fishing again. The lads came too. All night we were out there and .. nothing, must have lost our touch.
 As we were coming back to the shore there was someone there & he had a fire going. As we got near he called out "have you caught any fish?", I guess he was hungry! We said no… then an odd thing happened, he told us to throw the nets over the other side. Wow, we nearly sink the boat trying to get the nets in again. Then it dawned on me - it must be HIM, the Master! So I jumped out of the boat and ran, well, waded really, to him. He said to bring some fish over & we had breakfast. Then … well, he took me aside and asked me if I loved him. "I said you know I do!".
This is the embarrassing bit, you know how I told you he'd said I would deny him? Well, I.. I .. didn't say, I did it three times before that cock did its bit. So now, the Master asked me if I loved him, not once but three times, like it was penance.
Told me to feed His sheep. I don't think he meant the woolly sort though.
Now I know what forgiveness feels like, like a new life, a fresh start … and a job to do. 

- "Peter" as imagined by DG, webmaster

You can read Peter's diary for the whole week here.

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2018 Annual Review

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