Holy Week ... under 2020 lockdown

Each year I try to portray Holy Week from a different angle. Here is the first instalment 
.. imagine that current restrictions applied ...

Day 1 : Before Heading into Jerusalem

Jesus was heading towards Jerusalem. It was that time of year, the Passover festival next week. Every year, people come from all over to celebrate the exodus of the captive Israelites from Egypt into freedom.
This year, something was different. Jesus was in a strange mood, kept talking about being raised up, something about three days,
Last week he went to his dear friends Mary & Martha in Bethany. Their brother Lazarus had died. They'd moved his body into a cave. Jesus couldn't go in, of course, what with the restrictions, especially as Lazarus may have had, you know, "it".  So he stood outside and called Lazarus out. The people gathered - well, not exactly gathered together of course but keeping their distances -  laughed at the futility. Until Lazarus came out.
Then they stopped laughing, well the laughing changed through surprise to amazement in those different tones it can be.
They wanted to hug each other, but of course they couldn't. Not this year.
But Jesus's mood isn't the only thing different this year. It's going to be an odd festival when we're not allowed to gather.

Day 2 : Entering Jerusalem

"Sure you can borrow the donkey", said the man, "it can't do it's work at the moment". Despite the restrictions on gathering, Jesus still said he had "essential work" to do in Jerusalem during the festival time and was determined to go.It was eerie going into the city without the usual crowds on the road, but people saw this strange band of a man on a donkey followed by  a dozen or more others at 2m intervals (did they count as a household?). People appeared at their windows and on their flat roofs to see. Then a cry went up and passed form house to house "it's him! It's the Nazarene!".  People reached out and pulled palm leaves and branches from the trees by their houses and threw them in to the road in front of him.Someone called out "Hosanna to the Son of David!" and others joined in.An official tried to get them to stop but Jesus told him ‘I tell you, if these were silent, the stones would shout out.’

as imagined by David Greenwood, a webmaster