Past Overseas Involvements

Aid for Syrian Refugees

The people of St Andrew's contributed to a collection of clothes to be sent to Syrian Refugees organised by Churches Together.  (The collection has now closed).


imageOur links with Gjakova in Kosova go back to 1999, shortly after the war, during the UN peace keeping period when Geoff Morris was involved in immediate aid needs and then went on to look at education. A link with The Rotary Club of Gjakova was established and they facilitated identifying schools where we could make a direct impact.

Our young people raised money for a number of things for particular schools and hostels including ovens and computers.

We had a number of visits and young peoples exchanges from 2005-2012, and we took out clothes for the Roma and education materials for schools as well as building relationships and "being there" as the nation recovered and re-established itself.

Some friendships established in that first visit are still going over 10 years later..


The Israel-Palestine crisis is the most urgent problem for the world to solve. If it remains unresolved, you can give up on all other problems. This is the problem and it is in our hands - Desmond Tutu (May 2009)

imageAs Christians we hunger and thirst for justice. We long for peace in the whole of God’s world, but for nowhere more than Palestine, the land where Jesus lived. At his birth the angels sang, proclaiming God’s peace to all people, in Bethlehem. The sad truth is that Bethlehem is now a place of no peace. After two thousand years of Christianity, conflict and hostility divide Bethlehem, as anyone can see who looks at the massive barrier that towers above the Palestinian people

Over the years St Andrew’s Church has helped in small ways, mostly with modest amounts of money, given to improve the circumstances of villages known to us personally. After the bombing of Gaza, the church gave money to the Al Ahli Hospital in Gaza City, an institution of the Anglican diocese of Jerusalem.

A pilgrimage in 2011 (or 2012) was able to see some places where there are current issues today, such as a tour of East Jerusalem including the Security Wall.


imageSt. Andrew's supported the Cobham Uganda Partnership (CUP) - a community project developed in 2005 as a response to the challenges of Make Poverty History and the Africa Commission. CUP helped to raise funds to provide a Health Centre at Grace Christian Academy in Gulu, Northern Uganda. This is a school which provides education for over 1,000 children, most of whom have been orphaned by the long running rebel fighting led by the Lord's resistance Army. CUP worked with African Revival, a Surrey-based charity that has a number of projects in various parts of Africa.

Some church members visited Gulu in 2006.

African Revival is still active however CUP itself ceased in 2014.