Kids' Church

Kids' Church is a fun and engaging space for the children and young people to learn about God and grow in faith!

We meet in Church Gate House, which is next to the church's car park. We start at 10am and takes place during the Eucharist Service in the Church building.
Children are registered at the entrance before joining their groups. 

In their groups the children are able to explore, discover and learn more about Jesus, the Bible and faith - in exciting ways, which can include; story, craft, games, drama, reading, singing, activities, playing.. and so much more. 

After the learning time in their groups, the children then all come together for a time of Prayer & Praise! Where we do singing, dancing, and worship God, but also a time to pray and talk to Him - reflecting and responding to what we've learned.  

The children are escorted into Church to join their families for Communion to receive a blessing and spend the last part of the service worshiping together with their families and the greater Church family!

The four age appropriate groups at Kids' Church are - Little Fishes, Waves, Anchors and DiscipleSHIP