Welcome to St Andrew's, Cobham. We are Cobham’s parish church and our aim is to know Jesus, and to make him known. We offer a host of activities for adults and children. Please explore our website to find out more. We hope to see you soon.

In the Beginning, God

The opening words of the Bible point the beginning of all things to God.
God is the reason it all exists. You could say it was God who "pressed the button" to put the Bang in the Big Bang.
During September we are celebrating "Creationtide" when we remember that God said every aspect of his creation was "good" as it was completed. Then he put mankind in place to look after it.
Read about it in Genesis which is a poem expressing wonder at God's work.
First the heavens & the earth - then light. Second the sea & sky. Thirdly the land and plants.
Fourthly the sun and the moon as great lights to govern day and night (ref day 1). Fifthly fish and birds (ref day 2). Sixthly creatures and mankind (ref day 3).
God saw that it was all good.
Then he said "I'm tired, let's have a day off & call it a week" (or at least, I imagine God did!)..

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Cobham Messy Church

Cobham Messy Church

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