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(No) Escape from the day job


Many of us will be enjoying a break during the summer, a time to leave our day-to-day activities behind and refresh our batteries. Or so we hope. These days it is harder to leave our normal lives behind, with our digital devices it can seem there is no escape.

Jesus had days like that too.  He knew the need to have some down-time to recharge. A number of times he tried to "withdraw to the mountain" or he "went to the other side of the lake" … only to look up and see a crowd coming towards him. They even got into boats to follow him across the lake.

On the mountain he had fed the large crowd. Next day, across the lake and puzzled as to how he had got there when the disciples had taken the boat without him, they still asked what sign he was going to do for them. Never satisfied some people.  No escape from the day job for the teacher.

I hope you manage to escape from yours and have a truly refreshing break!

DG, co-webmaster 

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