Welcome to St Andrew's, Cobham. We are Cobham’s parish church and our aim is to know Jesus, and to make him known. We offer a host of activities for adults and children. Please explore our website to find out more. We hope to see you soon.

Blinded by the light

image So the news spread ... "He is alive!" 

Something had happened with his followers. The scattered disillusioned disciples had a new confidence. The news spread ... and the opposition got stronger. What do you do when the movement you thought would die with the death of its leader, suddenly springs to life again - like they say their leader had done?  For a zealous young man called Saul, it had to be stopped. He went around trying to stamp it out. But then one day he was confronted ... a bright light, his horse reared and threw him, he distinctly heard a voice ... "Saul, Saul, why do persecute me?". He found he had been blinded.

Some days later a follower of Jesus called Ananias was told to go to see this man .. what me? but Lord - we have heard his reputation! he is searching for us...  just go to him and pray with him. He did, he prayed with Saul and his sight was restored, but now Saul himself believed. He took a new name, a Christian name, Paul. He became the greatest ambassador for Jesus. His writings still inspire us.

What did God have to do to get your attention? What does he have to do to get it now? Is there someone you think is far from God? Pray for them. May be one day you will be able to pray with them.   

DG, aka Webmaster (joint).

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